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Protests across NZ against welfare cuts


A national day of action against welfare reform so protests outside WINZ offices across the country. "We believe the National Party has utilised beneficiaries as the scapegoats of NZ which is unfair considering the tax cuts that they gave to the rich" says The Peoples Collective NZ.

150 people marched through Dunedin. They called for Prime Minister John Key to resign and Social Development and Employment Minister Paula Bennett to "go to hell". Dozens of people protested outside WINZ in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. Despite the unseasonable rain there was still a good cross-section of the public in attendance in Auckland and it was great to see some fresh faces – both first-time protesters and first-time citizen journalists, gathered to witness the dissent against the impending cuts. Smaller protests also took place in Rotorua, Hamilton, Tauranga, Nelson, Kaikohe and Hawkes Bay.

Links: Against Welfare Reforms | Hone Harawira | Dear John | Photos from Wellington | The Invisible CTU

GCSB Spies break laws


Today, PM John Key announced that the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) unlawfully intercepted Kim Dotcom and others in the Megaupload case.

Key says the Crown has filed a memorandum in the High Court in the Megaupload case advising the Court and affected parties that the GCSB had acted unlawfully while ‘assisting’ the cops to locate certain individuals subject to arrest warrants issued in the case. The GCSB had acquired communications in some instances without statutory authority.

Updates: DotCom snooping more evidence GCSB is not under control | Crown Law also Dotcom lawbreakers?

National Day of Action Against Welfare Reforms


Beneficiaries who have had enough of the attacks on them by this government will be picketing Work and Income (WINZ) offices across the country in a national day of action.

The National Day Of Action Against Welfare Reform is being called for Friday October 5 by the Facebook group Occupy WINZ. The group is coordinating with people and organisations across New Zealand  who oppose the governments agenda for welfare reform and are calling for people to join in protests on the day.

Details of events are being coordinated in towns and cities throughout the country and will be posted on the National Day Of Action Against Welfare Reforms page as they are organised.

Deep sea oil: Anadarko drill confirmed


Houston-based oil giant Anadarko has committed to test-drilling three deep sea oil wells in Canterbury and Taranaki in 14 months. Anadarko, who owned 25% of the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico that spilled millions of barrels of oil last year, are planning to drill at sea-depths of up to 1500 metres in what can only be described as a recipe for disaster.

John Key’s real Nanny State


The ‘Nanny State’ is a term frequently used by right-wingers to decry state regulation of big business, particularly in relation to workers rights and environmental destruction. The negative association with women, and mothers in particular, is a frequent tool of the right.

Anarchists entrapped in a conspiracy


Three young men have today pleaded guilty to conspiracy to charges arising from FBI infiltration and targetting of Occupy Cleveland. Douglas L. Wright, 26, of Indianapolis; Brandon L. Baxter, 20, of Lakewood, Ohio; and Connor C. Stevens, 20 have plead to charges of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, and attempted use of an explosive device to destroy property used in interstate commerce.

The FBI case is based on a paid informant and the procurement of fake explosive devices that were provided to the men. An undercover FBI agent sold the men inoperable detonators and plastic explosives and authorities arrested them on April 30 after determining that they planned to proceed with the attack.

New dawn for dawn raids


Immigration officers have spent two weeks training at the NZ Police College to exercise new powers to enter premises and detain people for deportation under the Immigration Act. There is no guarantee that there will not be a return to the racist ‘dawn raids’ of the 1970s in which Pacific Island communities particularly in South Auckland were subjected to violent early morning raids as police searched for overstayers.

Major Biotech Conference in NZ next week


Monsanto and DuPont vice presidents of biotechnology and agricultural biotechnology respectively are among the keynote speakers at a major international biotech conference in Rotorua next week (Sept 2-6). The 12th International Conference for Agricultural Biotechnology will include some New Zealand genetic engineers giving presentations.

While not all biotech involves genetic engineering, Organic NZ anticipates that a number of speakers and attendees will be promoting GE as the solution to our agricultural problems, when in fact it will only create more problems. Organic farming is the clean, green, sustainable solution.

Tame and Rangi denied bail


Today, the Court of Appeal issued a judgment on the second bail application of Tame Iti and Rangi Kemara, two of the 'Urewera 4' who were jailed for 2.5 years for firearms convictions on 24 May this year. The Court denied their application for bail.

The substantive decision of the Court of Appeal on both the convictions and the sentences for all four people - Tame, Rangi, Urs and Emily - is still forthcoming.

26 Aug

10 years too long – 10 deaths too many - Bring New Zealand troops home from Afghanistan

Global Peace and Justice Auckland is organising a protest outside the Defence Force Army Centre at 204 Great North Road, Grey Lynn from 12 noon this Sunday 26th August to call for New Zealand troops to be brought home from Afghanistan where five have been killed in the past three weeks for no material purpose.

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