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Pacifism and non-violence

27 Nov

Nowadays, pacifism is decidedly unfashionable. The left-wing
conscientious objectors have pretty much died out. The Greenham Common feminist
pacifists have gone quiet. What's left is a handful of radical Christian
pacifists - interesting in themselves, but not to most people's taste. Instead
of pacifism, activist groups insist on a rather vaguely defined commitment to
non-violence. Rather than pacifism stemming first from spiritual or ethical
values, I argue that organising in a healthy way leads to pacifism. If you are
going to organise against repression you need to organise in a pacifist way.
Violence is an organisational problem; pacifism is a radical alternative that
confronts systems of power and violence. I will explain how my ideas about
pacifism have evolved through contact with feminist analysis and activism in
international solidarity, anti-apartheid, peace, environmental and anarchist

Venue: 19 Tory St


whats your defination of

whats your defination of violence? because the majority of effective social change has come about by non violent direct action playing a part and that means civil disobedience , property destruction and the like but no physical violence against any living beings. Groups that advocate pacisfism are usually so ineffective as they extend their warped idea of violence to throwing a brick through a scummy corporations window or the like.