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Local Collectives

Alongside the wider Aotearoa Indymedia collective, there are also local collectives in cities and towns around Aotearoa. The local collectives do many things, including producing documentary films, running radio stations, publishing newspapers and organising film screenings. We always welcome new collectives in locations which do not already contain one, and each collective decides for itself what it wants to do. The process for adding new local collectives is detailed below. For a list of active collectives, see the Contact Info.

Adding New Local Collectives

  1. Two or more people decide they want to form a local Indymedia collective in an area which does not already have one.
  2. At least one of these people joins the mailing list, and informs the list of their application.
  3. They are sent the Draft Indymedia Principles Of Unity and Aotearoa Indymedia Mission Statement to read and discuss.
  4. They email the list and announce they have agreed to the Principles Of Unity and acknowledged the Aotearoa Indymedia Mission Statement
  5. There is 1 week in which anyone can make an objection on the list.
  6. After a week, provided there are no reasonable objections, the collective is accepted.
  7. A "buddy" collective is chosen from the pre-existing local collectives, whose responsibility it will be to send the new collective a "Welcome to Aotearoa Indymedia package" containing copies of relevant documents, stickers, leaflets and other cool stuff. The "buddy" collective will also assist the new collective in any other way they are able.

Disaffiliating Local Collectives

If a local collective is found to be working outside of the Principles Of Unity or the Mission Statement, they will be sent an email asking them to either,

  1. Disaffiliate themselves from Aotearoa Indymedia
  2. OR
  3. Resume working within the Principles Of Unity and Mission Statement

If they do neither of these, they will be disaffiliated from Aotearoa Indymedia.

If a local collective is inactive for 6 months, they will be sent an email offering assistance to resume activity. If they do not resume activity within a reasonable time period, they will be disaffiliated from Aotearoa Indymedia.

Disaffiliated collectives and people within them are welcome to reaffiliate at any point by going through the standard affiliation process.