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No justice, no peace: No trust in the police, GCSB or SIS


Shrivelled LibertyThe story with Kim Dotcom just gets weirder and weirder. Today, the Security Intelligence Service has admitted that while investigating Dotcom on behalf of the NZ Immigration Service, they were advised that the US FBI wanted to conduct a joint investigation with the NZ Police into Dotcom's activities.

The director of the Security Intelligence Service, Warren Tucker, said that this didn't raise any security concerns as far as the NZSIS was concerned so they advised Immigration that they didn't have any issues with Dotcom's application for residency.

This revelation begets more questions than it answers. Did the NZSIS know the nature of the investigation that the FBI wanted to conduct? If they didn't know, then how could they make any assessment about Dotcom's potential security risk? If they did know, then they obviously did not consider the matter to be particularly serious which begs the question why then was there illegal surveillance, illegal search warrants, and a massive police raid?

The SIS has a mandate to to investigate issues of security which 'impact adversely on New Zealand's international well-being or economic well-being' - so either they did not consider Dotcom's activities as having this effect even though it was an international investigation involving multiple jurisdictions (and it is not beyond the motion picture association to claim a link between stealing movies and international terrorism!) or they simply did not know what the nature of the FBI investigation actually was.

In either case, it is hard to believe that the role of the NZSIS was as limited as they claim. Moreover, despite having given advice to the Immigration Service that Dotcom did not pose a security risk, they are now claiming a threat to national security if the emails that they sent to Immigration are released. It really does beggar belief.

Much has been written about the serious implications for fundamental rights in the Dotcom case, specifically, the rights to privacy and against unreasonable search and seizure. The issue of accountability has also been the recurrent theme in this case. The GCSB is now conducting what is in effect its own investigation of itself after the whitewash failure delivered by the so-called 'oversight' body - the Inspector-General of Security and Intelligence Paul Neazor.

The security-intelligence-police apparatus in this country has once again shown us that they are not deserving of the power that they have. They have no regard for basic rights or the law.

There is clearly no 'accountability' possible within this system, and all of these agencies should be disbanded.



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