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Aotearoa Is Not for Sale Wellington congratulates Australian High Commissioner


New Zealand sovereignty campaigners will wear Melbourne Cup hats, complete with
bobbing corks, to congratulate Australia on its Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement
(TPPA) stance.

Aotearoa Is Not For Sale Wellington will gather at the Australian High Commission
gates from 4.00pm to 5.00pm on Melbourne Cup day, 6 November.

"We want to congratulate the Australian High Commissioner on the Australian
Government’s strong stand against the Investor State Disputes Provision of the
TPPA," Aotearoa Is Not For Sale Wellington spokesperson John Maynard says.

Aotearoa Is Not For Sale Wellington intends to provide entertainment at the High
Commission gates including rousing choruses of Waltzing Matilda, horse races and
appropriate chanting like: "No TPPA! Oi! Oi! Oi!"

The TPPA is one of the biggest political issues facing New Zealand but one of the
least publicised and least understood. It is being negotiated behind closed doors
with no possibility of public oversight.

It involves eleven Asian and Pacific-rim countries including the United States, with
the aim to extend it to all 21 APEC countries.

"Although, Aotearoa Is Not For Sale Wellington understands the importance of
international trade to New Zealand, the TPPA’s Investor State Disputes Settlement
provision would allow foreign corporations that want to ‘protect’ their profits to
be able to sue governments in secret international tribunals," Mr Maynard says.

"The New Zealand government needs to follow Australia’s lead in acting to protect
its own citizens and taxpayers from the bullying of international corporations like
the tobacco companies, which are currently opposing the plain packaging of

"All small and medium business people in New Zealand should be concerned about the
TPPA as it will allow multi-national corporations unprecedented power over our
law-making and regulation-making authority. Local business and jobs will be
undermined. Aotearoa Is Not For Sale Wellington wants New Zealand to be able to
trade on our terms without compromising our sovereignty, environment or tikanga."

The next round of TPPA negotiations will be held at Sky City Casino in Auckland from
3-12 December 2012.

For more information on the TPPA go to:

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