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Conservationists halt controversial logging operations at Butlers Gorge


Conservationists from Still Wild Still Threatened have today halted
logging operations at Butlers Gorge in Tasmania, in a call for forest protection. 10
people have gathered at the gate of a logging road that accesses several
forestry operations in the area. One person is perched on a 5 meter high
tripod in the middle of the road.

“Butlers Gorge is one of the state's most significant tracts of wilderness
and has been independently verified as world heritage value. This forest,
which was proven to have outstanding values, through the verification
assessment, has been subject to intensive logging despite being part of a
promised moratorium over a year ago ” said Still Wild Still Threatened
spokesperson Miranda Gibson

“The industry has received around $130 million through the negotiation
process, yet logging has continued business as usual in forests like
Butlers Gorge and there has been not one hectare of forest protected” said
Ms Gibson.

“We are today calling on the government to take immediate action to
protect the verified area of high conservation value forests. Regardless of
the forest negotiations, the government have a responsibly to act on the
independent scientific recommendations” said Ms Gibson

“Urgent action is needed by the government to ensure that further
destruction in areas like Butlers Gorge does not occur. 563,000 hectares of
national and world heritage value forest are awaiting protection” said Ms