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Asset Sales Campaign targets Forsyth Barr


Forsyth Barr selling state assetsThe Poneke branch of the Aotearoa is NOT for Sale campaign launched a singing attack of the offices of Forsyth Barr, a corporate share broker that has a Treasury contract to facilitate the sale of state assets.

The Aotearoa is NOT for Sale campaign has been serenading corporations involved in the asset sales programme with songs and chants including "You ain't sold nothing yet" to the tune of BTO's "You aint seen nothing yet" and 'Say No to Asset Sales' sung as 'Swing low sweet chariot".

The targeting of corporates involved in preparing the first four state assets for sale (Genesis, Mighty River, Meridian and Solid Energy) is one very good way to derail this sale. Supporting Maori rights to water and the recently lodged High Court case is another.

Today's action was halted by security guards but the lunching public got a dose of message and all of the corporates in the central city Vodaphone building were on high alert.

The Asset Sales Campaign has been very active in Wellington. Regular organising meetings are held on Wednsday evenings at Trades hall, 126 Vivian Street at 5:30. Come along and get involved.


people, get it

but we don't own these assets. 


The rich people do.


to kid ourselves we do is buying into a pathetic feel good fantasy.


if we don't start from what's actually going down


we'll be pulling ourselves forever